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Who is Mia Desha


Mia D. Ogburn, C.E.O. of Mia Desha & Co. is in the windy city on a mission

to help change the climate of this Nation by creating unique and creative

ways to shed light on the many silenced issues of our Nation. This Passion stems from a

childhood and early adulthood exposed to the arts and volunteer work in many ministries and

non profit organizations. At a young age her talent was evident and shown to be promising which

led her to land her first major movie role at the tender age of 9.  The movie was entitled “There

Are No Children Here” starring Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou.  .

Since then, she has acted in numerous local plays such as “Miss Independent”, “Loves

Not Here Anymore”, “The Church Program”, “A Family That Prays”, “One Size Don’t Fit All”,

“Seeking For A Mate: Trimester” and “Train to Broadway”.  She has also produced, directed 

the following stage plays: “Behind Closed Doors”, “The Journey of Purpose…From Africa to

America”, “The Generational Curse”, “He Is Risen…The Wilderness, The Garden, The Cross”,

“Silent Screams Unveiled”, and “Behind Closed Doors... Exposed”.

 As a God-fearing woman, she felt compelled to use her gift for the

Arts to change lives around her and she continues to expand her creative reach daily.

Mia started pursuing her purpose under the name of Xtreme XpressionZ Dance Company

which evolved to Mia Productions and is now Mia Desha & Co.  Mia Desha & Co. has allowed

Mia to expand her reach pass the stage with endless possibilities of reaching souls for the


Mia Desha & Co. mantra is: Mia Desha & Co. will produce

creative and unique forms of expression to expose the deliberately silenced issues of our

Nation while igniting a divine movement of change, freedom, and wholeness by exposing the

Silent Killers that cause unrealistic identities and expectations.

For more than 10 years Mia

has worked in a number of youth ministries and non for profit organizations implementing this

vision regardless of the platform. Mia is currently using her training and experience in the Arts and Mental Health

as her foundation to guide her in the process of leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Mia Ogburn is not only an actress and playwright but she is also a published Author of

two books. She currently also operates as the Founder and Visionary for her nonprofit

organization Empresses of Distinction Inc. where they are on a mission to develop leaders of

distinction, power and influence to be able to walk in excellence to distinguish their significance

and remain set apart with a clear understanding of their identities through their curriculum in

history, education and the arts.

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