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The Journey starts with you ...

Every week we will update our list of resources to assist you on your personal journey of Self-love, Self-acceptance and New Possibilities. Below you will find a list of books, sites and group sessions to follow and engage in to keep you accountable and supported on this journey that at times will become overwhelming.  

Remember the journey to healing is NOT easy but necessary in order for destiny to be fulfilled.

Helping Hand

Mental Health Resources 



Offers mental health services regardless of ability to pay.


This site is AMAZING! If you are in the Chicago land area this site is a quick and easy go to, to provide information in aiding you in whatever stage of life you are in. ​

Teenager with Buns

Mental Health Resources 



This site is tailored to provide resources for teens in need of additional guidance as well as additional crisis support.


Mia Desha & Co.

Social Media

Mia Desha can be located on all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Simply type Mia Desha... 

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